Fraud check

Fraud check

We will perform fraud check for you – 100% free of charge


Don’t become a victim of immigration fraud!
Ask us to investigate – free and simple.

Most often immigration fraud is committed by charging fee for fake offers of employment in Canada, forged work permis, LMIA etc. – simply because having a job offer in Canada skyrockets your chances to immigrate to Canada.

However, other fraud schemes are continuously invented as Canadian immigration system evolves. Stay alert and don’t hesitate to apply for fraud check in advance.

What we will need
To verify if an offer is genuine or not, we need as much information as possible: documents you received, correspondence with agents, email and website addresses, phone/viber/whatsapp numbers etc.

Prepare everything you have and send us by email to verify. Your privacy is 100% guaranteed. Click the button below to start.

Stay Alert
There are some really sophisticated immigration fraud schemes around, that are difficult to spot and identify. If you have even the slightest hint that something is wrong, or too good to be true, ask us to check.

Our immigration fraud check is 100% free for everyone as we are committed to make immigration to Canada fair and equal to everyone.


Immigration fraud check

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It usually takes from 1 to 5 business days to
complete the immigration fraud check


1. Collect evidence

Prepare materials, such as received job offer, work contract, LMIA, work permit, employment letter, proof of submission, correspondence, screenshots etc.

Don’t forget details such as payment transactions, email and website addresses, skype/viber/whatsapp ID, phone numbers etc.

2. Email evidence

Submit everything by sending an email to

Include “Fraud check” in the subject line to make sure that your request is promptly reviewed by our team.

Include brief description of your situation for better understanding.